January 7th, 2008


I am amused

Often, but this time it's also bemused.

I've been lax. Life, post-Germany, has been both hectic, and empty. We travelled to SF, had Christmas, and I had drill. I've been dealing with a job offer (a full-time military gig, with some prospects for making moving back to SLO both easier, and more requisate), my dad's been finalising a book deal on photography; while I've been polishing a proposal for a cooking book.

In the middle of all that, I got sick. A nasty cold/flu/winter virus. From Boxing Day to the Weds. past, I was a feverish, coughing, de-hyrdrating, lousily-sleeping, snot-factory. It meant I wasn't able to join Maia on her trip to New Year's Gathering (a Quaker retreat). It's good that she went, so she didn't have to deal with my lousy sleeping, and pathetic ass-dragging.

So I've been damn all for active on Lj (or much of elsewhere on the net).

And in the past three days six people have added me to their f-list. I managed to trace tw of them down (a reciprocal adds, from some time back; of someone I know in another forum, and the other was someone tracing me back from comments made elsewhere).

But I find it somewhat humorous that the largest single batch of adding I can think of (absent the possibility of some bit of matociquala's linking to me) has been in a chunk of time when I've written nothing.

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(nearly) Live, from Dixville Notch, NH

Jim MacDonald at Making Light gives us the results of the balloting.

Here are the results: Republican:

Mike Huckabee
Mitt Romney 2
Fred D. Thompson
John McCain 4
Ron Paul
Rudolph W. Giuliani 1
Duncan Hunter
Tom Tancredo


Barack Obama 7
John Edwards 2
Hillary Rodham Clinton
Bill Richardson 1
Joseph R. Biden Jr.
Christopher J. Dodd
Mike Gravel
Dennis J. Kucinich

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