January 8th, 2008


Politics will break your heart

What she said.

Me, I've always been too much the reporter, so the most I've ever been is disappointed (hal_obrien and I were chastised, gently, by my, then, girlfriend's father for not being crushed when Dukakis lost).

But he and I also went to the Cranston headquarters, and saw people devastated by his defeat.

Politics should break your heart, because you ought to care, at a deep; and visceral level. It's about who we are, and what we will be, and how the world will be when we leave.

It's about today, and tomorrow. It's for our children, and their children. It's about empathy for everyone else (and if I could rub some lamp, and get just one wish, it would be for everyone on the planet to be more empathetic).

If you're doing it right, politics will break your heart.