January 10th, 2008


An even stranger add

I just got added to the lj of someone calling themselves "goldcredit"

It's a bizzare little thing, brand new and extolling the virtues of credit cards (No. Really. They are a great way to save money... see some of them offer rebates, and cash back, so somehow the people who use them will turn a profit. How this is supposed to happen is lost in a bit of hand-waving, and the 11-30 percent interest rates aren't mentioned, merely the 1-3 percent rebates).

All I can figure is someone is doing some really stupid astroturf, and I am one of the lucky few on the ground floor of seeing it.

I'm not quite sure what to make of it (more than that) because when I look at the people listed in the f-list (blissfully short; at present) of Herr Credit, there are lots of people who have links to people I know. Not enough of them are consistent enough for me to suspect someone I personally know of being the culprit (and, to be honest, I figure most of the people I talk to here, and/or who choose to read me would figure I'm not going to be all that interested in a paean to debt as a way to make money), but I do wonder at what triggered that list to be added.

Most of the people added have some connection to either the SF Bay, or photography. One of the journals, pretty much dead (about six months from the last entry) and one is just waiting for the coroner to haul it's remains away (no entry in almost a year and a half).

One wonders what they think they are accomplishing.

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