March 3rd, 2008

Grab Bag

More photos

I've been busy with photography. Here, in a season of politics, I've been babysitting, hiking, and shooting. Some cookery (though little of interest to more than them as eats it), and a spot of reading.

Spring is coming, the poppies are about to bloom, the plums are bedecked in popcorn, and the birds are courting. I've not managed to get my dander, dudgeon, ire or gobsmacked awe up enough to wax philosophical.

So you get pictures.

Korean Magnolia

A couple of years ago, in Korea, about this time of year.

Reflections_AP58930 copy

Last summer, on the way to Sturtevant Falls. It was the same path I shot the rainy day picture of Maia and the dogs. We were there yesterday, and this evening I hope to go through those photos.

As always, clicking through will give you larger images.

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Grab Bag

More Photos

Caught the bee

This is the dramatic image, I took it yesterday morning.

Sturtevant Falls, June 2007  Warmed up_AP58868 copy

This is half of a study in treatment

Sturtevant Falls, B&W June 2007_AP58868

This is the other half. The only thing I really had to do differently in the two versions (once I'd done the filtering to B&W, was to dodge the large flat rock in the upper right. In color it's fine, but in B&W it was too hot.


This it the tricky one (as opposed to the dramatic shot at the top). Getting the bee was easy. She just flew about, and I snapped the shutter. She was in focus, and I had the picture.

The salamander had to be seen, and then I had to work around to get rid of the reflections (even if I'd had the polarising filter with me, there wasn't enough light to make up for the 2-stop loss polarising filters cause). I wish the flash hadn't been in Maia's bag, half a mile up the trail from me.

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