March 9th, 2008

camo at halloween

Blunt language follows.

"Brave men who look to me from the promontory of my middle age like kids were willing to die - did die - so these evil fuckers wouldn't win."

As Julia says, from here on, it's up to us. This election matters; it is (for whichever side one is on) a crucial point. Who will sit on The Court? More than any other question, that's the one, which like the Dredd Scott decision, is a firebell, clanging in the night.

The War? Important, how it changes our place in the world, what it does to my army, the damage it's doing to the economy, and it's actual effect on terrorism; and regional stability, they are important.

Health Care, and the effects it has on the economy, the effects it has on people's actual health, it is important.

Executive Power, and the claims this president has made about it, that's important.

All of those are things the pale before the question of who gets to pick the justices who replace those who retire. Do we get more Alitos, and Roberts? More movement conservatives?

Think of the questions the court is being challenged to asnwer, issues of Executive Privilege, issues of capital punishment, of equal protection, of voting rights, of reproductive rights, of homosexual rights, of, of, of.

Roberts and Alito are young. McCain says he will pick more judges like Alito, who is still proud of demanding discriminatory quotas.

Are we likely to see honest to got Liberal judges? A new Blackmun, or Marhsall? No. That would be too much to ask for (and the McCains, Lotts, etc, will continue to Blue Card, Filibuster and refuse the "up or down" vote they've been demanding while their guy is in office). Right now, I'd be content to get a few more O'Connors, or Ginsbergs.

Go read the whole thing, and ponder what sacrifices have been paid, and think what it means to us the living, if, forty--odd years later, the battle they won, and the subsequent campaigns, will be reversed.

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