March 27th, 2008


That whole instapunk thing

So, Obama had a pastor, who gave him advice on religion. Said pastor has some radical views on the racial problems in the States.

For this he is pilloried. He has to denounce him, renounce him, scorn all his works and repudiate him. If, you see, he doesn't do that, he's going to fuel the racial divide in this country, because all those angry whie guys who lost their jobs will refuse to vote for him.


But Glenn Reynolds, Time Magazine's one time Blogger of the year, links to blatant racsists and no one calls him to account.

His most recent case of this has been quite the small flap. He links, regularly, to a site which claims him as their model. They have a guy who says the black need to denounce, renounce, scorn and shame, all the niggers who drag them down. You know, the basketball players, the guys with their pants down around their thighs. The ones who make him uncomfortable. The ones who don't give him the respect he feels he deserves.

Athenae, at First Draft, hits the nail on the head Your Feelings Don't Matter

Fifteen miles south of the center of Chicago is an almost entirely black town in which I spent a great deal of time as a reporter. I used to drive down and carefully stop at stop signs, only to realize I don't really need to stop at stop signs here, because a couple of years back, just about the whole entire police force was indicted for selling badges and influence, so ain't nobody there to pull you over for failing to stop at a sign so rusted it was just about ready to fall off its pole. The town's only librarian lived in a house with broken windows. The library was two rooms at a school, with donated books....

But the inability of somebody to say that young black men this needy creep saw on a street corner should pull up their pants, that's the biggest obstacle to healing the racial divide in this country.

It is long past fucking time we stopped equating things which are vastly unequal. The Chicago Tribune this morning has announced that we must all begin dealing with our feelings, and it's all very nice, that some people are going to feel better, but it is past fucking time that we cease to make feeling better our highest national objective, over, you know, DOING better. Yes, there needs to be greater understanding, tolerance and compassion. However, I don't think the way you start the process towards that is equating decades of systemic discrimination which affects every aspect of someone's life with having to see people wearing things you don't like them wearing, or playing loud music or putting shiny hubcaps on their cars.

I don't think you start a conversation towards racial healing with rewarding people who think their contrarian tendencies make them brave, who think it's some kind of sincere rebellion to spout a bunch of ignorant horseshit, by making it important that they feel better in their ignorance. There's a huge gulf between acknowledging white resentment is real, which Obama did, and putting sentiments like the above on a level of being the single most important obstacle toward healing the racial divide. Because, fucking no, okay? Fucking hell to the no, it doesn't work that way, and if we are going to have this conversation, that's where it needs to start, with telling this dude who thinks the biggest obstacle toward healing the racial divide is that he can't say the N-word without risking getting his pasty ass beat, telling that dude to take his feelings and shove them in one of the many, many places where the sun doesn't shine.

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