April 19th, 2008


Man shoots himself in the head, twice: Police call it suicide

I wish the story were as funny as the header.

Body of man, bound with duct tape, washes ashore

The police are tending to call it a suicide, saying he could have done it himself.

Austin police said Thursday that they are leaning toward a ruling of suicide in the death of a middle school teacher and activist whose body was found Wednesday in Lady Bird Lake with his hands and legs bound and tape over his eyes.

Right... because it's typical for those who drown themselves to put tape over their eyes and bind their hands and legs with tape before they jump into the water.

There are other things which raise my sense of suspicion. The guy was an activist, the FBI had been looking into him; though they said he wasn't any sort of trouble, FBI questioned his neighbors, and he implied that someone was interfering with what he did.

I hate that I think the reason this is being so quickly glossed over is that he was helping Palastinians. He was arab, and the evidence on the ground, per the APD is thin (they said in the notice of preliminary determination that there was no evidence of another person at his car.

I hate that I think a similar event, were it someone sending similar types of aid to Christians in Saudi Arabia, would get a lot more attention, even if it was a suicide.

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