April 26th, 2008


Life is

Teresa Nielsen Hayden explains it all for you

Seriously, it's powerful stuff on the human condition. I'd quote the line I really, really, like (right up there with Mike Ford's "Say what you mean, bear witness, iterate" as a rule for living life), but that would be a spoiler.

The world is full of wonders

The Film, "Expelled" which alleges that Intelligent Design is a "scientific theory" and distorts the interviews done with scientist and evolutionary biologists to make it seem they agree with this; ignoring that science doesn't address issues of abiogenesis, came out last week.

So the internets are abuzz with people trying to score points against those of us who happen to undestand; and therefore agree with, evolution.

Over at Making Light a two year old thread got a couple of non-drive-by posters; who managed to not only be the usual run of tired half-truths and misrepresentations, but actually offensive. One of them got personally offensive to me to the point I was viscious in response, and abi told them to take a hike.

So, in the way that only Divinity can make the world amusing, 1: The Darwin Online Project went live with Darwin's papers, and got hammered. The servers were crashed with 7 milions hits on the first day of that. Something like a quarter of a million downloads of Origin of Species in three days.

2: A new lizard was proven to have evolved on an island off Croatia.

The lizard was introduced 39 years ago, five pairs. Then a minor little war got in the way of monitoring them.

They have increased to 5,000+, have larger heads, a different social pattern; and eat plants instead of insects. They've modified thier guts to slow passage of the vegetable matter and make it a useful food source.

Irony, where is thy sting?

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