April 28th, 2008


What people look for....

One of the reasons I bought a "Pro" account at flickr was to be able to get stats.

One of the stats they give you is referrers. By and large I don't get many. Google comes in third (with a whopping 2 percent/79 incoming links) after this account and flickr itself.

But I also get the search strings, Some of them are funny.

"enormous fish photos" gets two hits.

"close picture of horse hide" and "horsehide what is" each get one.

The picture most seen from google hits, Sweat Bee with two separate searches each of which has 11 hits.

Yesterday was a record. Of the 139 hits I got, 8 were from Google, Half of those were for Sweat Bees.

The other four were schevchenko, poppy seedling picture, butterfly scales macro, and
panzer ivb.