April 30th, 2008



I was walking with Justin (skeetermonkey's son) this morning.

It was a beautiful say, scattered clouds, perfect temps, flowers and the trill of birds. A baby in the sling on my chest and a cool breeze to keep me from overheating.

As I was walking I saw a house with a Marine Corps flag. I like the Corps (my father was in it, and for a while, when he was in the reserves, he was the senior PFC for the entire USMC). I don't mind that the flag was faded; lots of Marines are a little shopworn too.

Then I saw the storm flag, and the little flag above it; the sort one spends hours placing at headstones on Memorial Day. The storm flag was a little faded too. I thought about going up and leaving a note on the door, about seeing to it the flag flying over the porch ought to be servicable and this one was coming close to needing replacement.

Then I saw the flag in the window.

A simple rectangle, white with a red border and a Gold Star.

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