May 22nd, 2008


More photos (a story)

One, "shoots" photographs. In a lot of ways it's nothing like using a rifle (and in no way is it like using a pistol, or a bow).

Yes, one can make grab shots; and sometimes one gets lucky, but if one want's to put food on the table, it takes planning, and patience; knowledge of the subject and an idea of what one wants.

Birds. Birds are fun. They move, they are colorful, and they have habits.

Ducks have some very predictable habits. They are heavy, as a result they tend to take off, and land with the wind in their face (taking off is more variable... scare them from the upwind side, and they will take off with the wind behind them, but they don't like it).

That's a real benefit if one want's to get shots of them on the wing.

Downleg Turn

Dowleg turn

Line up

Line up

On Final

First Stall

Stalling down

Arresting (just before splashdown)

To be honest, I cheated with this series. It's two separate ducks. That's where the consistency of their behavior (and knowing about it... Fortune favors the prepared mind), helps.

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Strange days

It's pouring hail. Not the usual slushy crap we get here, but pea-sized lumps of icy-rocks.

A couple of blasts of lightening (no thunder), and a cold rain (qu'elle surprise) which didn't end in the ten minutes I was expecting.

This is August Weather, after two days of June Weather, which followed four days of July.

Microsoft needs some more clues.

I've been getting this message when I go to refresh my available network list

Windows cannot configure this wireless connection

If you have enabled another program to manage this wireless connection use that software

If you want Windows to configure this wireless connection, start the Wireless Zero Configuration (WZC) service. For information about starting the (WZC) service see article 871122 in the Microsoft Knowledge Base on the Web site.