May 25th, 2008


Eagle Recruiting Spammed Me

It seems Eagle Recruiting (or Eagle Recruiting, take your pick, it's also .biz, with an email addy at The .net addy goes to a holding page; but boy doesn't .net look homier than .com in a piece of spam? Maybe it's the autoresponse I got from a Yahoo addy telling me they'd be in touch. Since I told them not to spam me any more... the odds are they won't be, though I do have a phone number now... so if I wanted to, I could call them Then again, it's the main number shown on their homepage, so perhaps it's not all that useful), got my resume.

The one where I'm looking for a job in sales. The one where I have years of experience in marketing. The one where I have a BA in Business.

How do I know this? Because they told me so, I got an email from them in response to my resume (and an outreply from a Yahoo
Eagle Recruiting has identified your resume as a potential match for the job below. Please do the following immediately if you are interested:

They then tell me to write a resume, and send it off to them, seems the one they have already (you know, the one that fit so well) isn't quite up to scratch.

A: Read the job description carefully to see if you meet the requirements.
B: Answer the questions at the bottom of the page.
C: No applicant will be reviewed without 1) Resume, in a Microsoft Word or comparable format; 2) Completed questionnaire, below.

So I have to do more work, if I want this swell position.

Position Title: Sales Manager #1137
Salary Range : $80k to $100k plus bonus
Relocation: No
Location: Houston , Texas

Now, either they are braindead (a strong possibility) and they think I live in Houston, or the company they are headhunting for (assuming, arguendo this is a real job offer, and not a fishing expedition to get resumes), isn't offering me any assistance in moving to Houston. I'm opting for braindead, since one of the requirements is I answer a question about my desired salary... I think I'll choose, 100K, plus bonus, Monty.

QUALIFICATIONS: To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily.

Oh goody, it's nice to know they want the candidates to be competent performing, "each essential duty." Looks like someone might want some pointers in, . Strong written, verbal, persuasion and interpersonal skills.

What do they require?

1. Bachelors Degree in Business Administration, Marketing, Communications, or related field.
2. 8+ years of sales experience in technical services (ie electrical contracting or similar).
3. 3+ years of direct sales management experience in technical services (ie electrical contracting or similar).
4. Strong contacts with General Contractors and the building community in Houston.

Thanks for playing, but this is so not me. Yeah, I have the persuasion (and I can be charming, though there are those who think my interpersonal skill a little less than stellar), but selling isn't really my bag, and riding herd on a bunch of people for whom selling is their bag... we're likely get to that area where my interpersonal skills start to fail.

It goes on, for about two more pages worth of text (and it seems they do think I live in Houston... that or it's.... SPAM).

They are kind enough to tell me that I might not hear from them immediately, but as soon as their clients show an interest, they'll be in touch.

Makes me feel so much better.

So who are Eagle Recruiting LLC, and what do they do?

Eagle Recruiting strategically identifies candidates through traditional and non-traditional sourcing methods. We present “passive” candidates who are currently employed, not visible to employment agencies, nor responding to internet postings and employment ads, difficult to find, management and staff- level candidates who have not yet become visible on the job-market.

How do they find these, "passive," candidates? What is the, "non-traditional," method they have to smoke them out of the woodwork when they "aren't responding to internet postings, and employment ads," (almost makes you think they might not be lookig for work)?

Spam. If they send enough e-mails, to enough people, some will bite. They don't need to respond right away (they warn people they won't), and when someone is looking for a sales manager in Houston (and they probably are; but that's not the point of this little e-mail) they have a roster of people who were hungry enough for a job that they answered... SPAM.

It looks to me as if one could almost change one letter, and the adjective would still be appropriate.