June 2nd, 2008

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The rest is silence

It's been a busy couple of weeks for Death; at least when it comes to claiming celebrities.

Pollack, St. Laurent, Martin.

And, the one which really got my attention.

Elias Otha Bates

Better known to most of us as Bo Diddly. Fast handed, nimble-fingered, and so far as I can tell; from all the stories I've seen coming up; a guy who loved to play, and wanted not much more than the chance to share it with people.

He was the first "name" to hire a woman to play with him (and said she was the only who knew all his moves). He never lost his edge. He played with the new kids, his craft (and art) growing, not getting stale.

He was doing free gigs, and impromptu gigs in parking lots and knew how to poke fun at himself (the Bo Knows commercials were great), he never phoned it in, never quit.