June 27th, 2008


Until Properly Relieved

Until Properly Relieved, originally uploaded by pecunium.

This was, "backstage" at Ft. George, which is both an historical monument (built after the Battle of Culloden, to keep the French from being able to support a future rising of the clans), and a working installation.

He was just coming off a trick on guard duty, in the public eye. I believe he's fishing for a cigarette


More on the itinerary


Maia and I are going to a Canada Day Party in Pacifica. I have yet to know if we can ask others to show up.

We plan to be in "The City" Sunday, from noonish on (and to the party in the afternoon/early evening).

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Canada Day

Those who want to get together, the Canada Day Party, has room for those who might which to attend:

Make a comment, and I will be forthcoming with Directions.