July 17th, 2008


1,000 Fans

I have a show coming up in Ottawa. Right now the question is how many pictures, and which ones. 10 is about the most, and 6 is the bottom.

So that's one thing. The venue (a coffee house/gallery) will hang the stuff for a month. I can also have cards... for those who don't want/can't afford a larger sized piece. However, hanging a show isn't free. I have to pay for the prints, the mattes and the frames. Things also need to be shipped (or else trust an agent in Ottowa to get them done properly. Not too bad, if the lab has good color control).

So, on the theory that what an artist needs to make a living, and keep making art is, 1,000 Fans I'm making a pitch to the lot of you.

I sell pictures. Not as often as I'd like, but it's what I'm doing. So I'm making a pitch. In order to get the money for the mounting (somewhere between 250-500 dollars) I'm pointing up that one can buy unframed prints for $25 US. That's the optimal print, on a an 8x10 sheet, archival. Shipping included. Larger prints can be made, up to sheet sizes of 13x19, though those will cost a little more (in the $50-75 range depending on size).

If you are feeling flush... you can order something mounted, or mounted and framed (frames need mounts, or the picture degrades... you can get mounted, or mounted and framed, but not just framed). Those will run between 60-250. Shipping varies.

There's an inventory of 360 some (and growing) images at my Flickr stream. Boxed up in all sorts of categories for trying to choose one.

For those who want to weigh in (or just preview) the show... the sets For the wall and Cards. Right now, For the Wall isn't right. There are four photos from The Galapagos, which are coherent (and will hang together). Which leaves 4-6 for the other wall. Right now that's not gelling, so comments, criticisms and the like are perfectly accpetable (be it here, or there [though one needs an account with flickr to post comment there; and I can't get around it the way I can here])

So... if you have any interest, or have friends who might, you can drop me a line at terrence.karney.photographyATgmail.com, and we'll figure out what you want, and how to get it to you.