July 18th, 2008


Sometimes, they are around

So... Barry and I were on our way home from some shopping and we pulled up to a red light. We were second in the line, and two lanes over. It happens the intersection has a 3-function cycle, instead of the more common 2-function.

So the pattern is a NS, and then a different function in the NS. To be honest I am not sure what the differences are. The only times I am at that intersection going NS is for a turn to the E.

The pick-up truck in the left turn lane wasn't aware of this, and decided to try and make an aggreessive left turn as soon as the light changed. But it didn't, and he had the sense to not try to bull his way through cross traffic.

While we were being amused at his foolhardiness, a police cruiser pulled up, not quite next to us (because of the cars, and the slight curve of the street). The NS traffic cleared and the light in that direction went yellow.

The pick-up, ran the red to make his left. The cop was stunned. It took him a few seconds to start moving... pull into the left turn lane and hit the lights and siren. The light was turnig as he entered the intersection. Whem we cleared the intersection the truck was already half a mile down the road, with about 1/3rd of a mile between him and the cop.

So the guy is looking at not less than two violations. Running the red (§ 21461), and the illegal left (§ 21801 (a)) and just maybe... §2800.1 Evading a police officer.

There was a distinct whiff of schadenfruede as we pulled past the intersection.