September 11th, 2008


Ooh... Shiny!

I've been doing all sorts of photo-related work. Sorting, collating, writing, editing, talking to an agency (and trying to select a couple of hundred images to submit to them), building a new portfolio, lining up a couple of shows (and selecting things for the one in Ottawa).

In the middle of all that, I've been getting a website built.

Today, Terrence Karney Photography goes live.

It's spare (I've not had much time to get new material written, but it will happen). My photo posts will be over there now. I'll link to them, with a teaser, here. The galleries there will have all the photos I have for sale (as soon as the contract with the agency is signed, the images I've sent to them will be off the public market. If there's something you want, this is a good time to buy, since it's possible it won't be as cheaply available [or as profitable to me] in a couple of weeks).

Ian Clysdale and Marna Nightingale did the site design (and a bang-up job it was They got it knocked out, from when we got the domain name to the done deal, in three weeks). The original thought was this would be pretty straightforward, most of it off the shelf code. It turns out building the simple gallery wasn't as simple as it looked, but code for scraping the secondary galleries were no small amount of bother either.

So, if you're looking for a site designer, drop them a line, either Ian, from his site, or a note to Marna at

Poke about, and if you see any problems, drop me a line. There will be some tweaking, and some things which are in development will be added as they become live. Updates will be announced as they happen.

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