September 25th, 2008

Pixel Stained

About those debates

Let's see.... McCain is too busy saving the nations financiers from themselves (in the interests of The Free Market), to take part in the debates scheduled for tomorrow. He was so busy he had to skip a Letterman appearance to go to on with Katie Couric, before he flew to New York to give a speech..

So the plan, we are told, is to move the Obama/McCain Debate back, to the date scheduled for the Biden/Palin Debate.

Well... why not just swap them? The folks who set the Obama Palin Debate have spent a lot of money, all the needed stuff is set up and the candidates ought to be ready?

Biden's been in the senate a long time, and is a veteran of campaigns. Palin, we have been told, it the candidate (of all four of them) with the most executive experience. So it ought to be a no-brainer. No, Biden and Palin aren't completely prepped, but hey, they are both being moved up a week, so the handicap ought to be balanced out for the two of them.