October 9th, 2008


Christ on a crutch

The Spammers are at it again. I just got half a dozen comments (three to the same post) linked to spam Ljs. I don't know what the gimmick is (i.e. I can't see how strange comments in my Lj do anything to increase real traffic to the spam-blogs, much less comments to threads which are years old).

On the plus side, only one of them was anything approaching coherent (and that a generic comment about wanting to add me... I'm not quite sure what set the bells off, but as a matter of course I look at the profiles of people who have never commented before. When they have no "friends" it look funny to be told they have people saying I am doing good commentary).

If you don't get notified of comments, you might want to think about turning that feature on. I built a g-mail account just for that, and it's been a great help.