October 10th, 2008

Pixel Stained

Mein Gott in Himmel

I think I just chased a couple of people out of the Peet's I'm in. They were talking politics, basically encouraging each other in their support of McCain. Which was whenI heard her (early twenties, still living at home, going to college; but ready to be done with it) say, "He's such an amazing orater, but I'm not sure he believes what he says, and that's really scary, because that's how Hitler came to power"

Which led to me to pay more attention... and when I heard her praising Palin, and saying she wanted to ask Obama supporters how they could compare the experience of the two... I went over and told them how and why.

The shocking thing... when I listed the qualification, including eight years in the Illinois Senate, and the con-law professorship and the Editor of the Harvard Law Review... she thought I was listing Palin's credits.

When I said that was Obama, and listed her failings in Wasilla, her companion (mid-twenties, male) said, "Well I guess you know who you're votong for."

They didn't look all that pleased when I said, "I was only anwering the question you asked," and went back to my work.

And they gathered up their things and left.

Political ephemera

The picture I posted yesterday? I went and did a better version of it, printed it up as a poster, and gave it to the Pasadena Dem HQ.

I also made a couple of mugs, and a poster at Zazzle, so if anyone is at all interested in getting some election ephemera (or making a statement in the waning days of the campaign) here's your chance.

This is what the new version looks like, and it's available on a left, or right, handed mug.

The mug is a plain coffee/tea style, 11 Oz.

For those who want it the other way: (right handed)