October 11th, 2008


Go Connectticut

The Supreme Court of Connecticut has ruled that same sex couples have the same rights as anybody else

California came to this realisation earlier this year. Right now there are those (with a huge deal of effort from the Church of Latter Day Saints) who want to enforce discrimination in the law. If you live in Calif. I cannot urge you strongly enough to be certain you go to the polls.

I don't care how you vote for president, and pretty much the same for all the other issues on the ballot, but this one... Prop 8, matters.

mihb got married today. If Prop 8 Passes, lots of people who didn't get it done before Nov 4. will be told they don't count (the jury is still out on what will happen to marriages like hers, which fall in the window before hate, fear and predjudice triumphed over reason and decency).

Regardless, those who aren't straight will be told they aren't as good as those who are.

Which is unconscionable. The churches may refuse to solemnize, fine. I couldn't care less if the Mormons don't want to marry gays. Even if this perfidy in the name of marriage passes they won't marry me unless I convert. They will still be able to deny the Mormon Rite of Marriage to all of us, gentiles so it's no skin off their, or any other churches' nose.

So, for all they preach it's about marriage, they lie.

It's about having a way to separate those they despise from the common run of humanity.

So, a toast to Conneticut, and all the couples who will get to be happy because of it.