October 12th, 2008


Too cool

Squid can talk to each other, with visual signals no one else can see.

Squid have secrets

Squid and their relatives have eyes that are sensitive to polarised light and to them and are known to use it to signal to one another. Their predators on the other hand, like seals or whales, don't share this ability and cannot see the squids' signals.

Most of all, the polarised iridescent light, is not affected by the chromatophores and passes through unaltered. This means that camouflaged squid can have entire visual conversations while remaining invisible to passing predators. In the world of squid, conversations carry secrets wrapped in lies.
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Oh, for crying out loud

The Gov't says that releasing 17 prisoners (dissidents, from China) might pose a threat to the US.


In arguing that there would be danger if the 17 detainees were to be released into the U.S., the Department said “virtually all” 17 had testified at Pentagon hearings or told government interviewers that they had gone to Afghanistan “to seek weapons training to fight the Chinese Government.” Their training included the use of assault weapons, it added.
Yep, you read that right, 17 people who know how to aim a rifle pose so grave a threat to the 300 million people who live in the US they have to be detained indefinitely.

I'm so glad they thought of that before they started letting people who have histories of violent crimes, and even gang members, join the US Army; where they could get training in the effective use of "assault weapons" and maybe even time in a combat zone to practice in real world conditions.

I'm glad they are being so diligent in looking out for us. Those 17 hate China so much they might to something really drastic.