October 18th, 2008

Peach and bee

The Holidays are soon upon us (now, with more fruity goodness)

For me the start of the holiday season is Hallowe'en. It's the first occaision of the year which seems to be a huddling together against the gathering dark. It's a last celebration of the faded summer, and a peering into the gloom which is mid-winter. It may be the lack of snow which comes of living in Southern California has something to do with it, but that's the way it feels to me.

Which means, among other, things, the solstice/new year sorts of holidays are coming. Which means you might be thinking of sending people cards. If you are, I have just the thing. I'm offering the up four pictures as cards (though truth be told, those who want to choose a specific design can, it will cost a little more, because I've not done the set up; and some photos will require different sorts of papers (square designs are possible, but they have to go on square papers.

Go take a look at Holiday Cards and think about it.

Please, by the way, link to this post, or that one.

I will be mentioning it again, since time is a factor and those who think about it now, might lose track of it before they get to ordering. I beg your indulgence.

(addendum: Demand for a sq. card is high enough that I am offering Currants, Kiev in that format.

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