October 19th, 2008


On photography

I need a userpic to flag these with, so those who don't care can just pass them by,

I have a new post up at TKP on why photos cost more money than most people think they should.

The Minutes Add Up

But why does it cost so much, esp. with something like a photograph.? A painter, a sculptor, they get some credit because most of us can’t paint, or sculpt (music is a different beast. It is either ephemeral [no one will ever know what it sounded like to hear Chopin at the piano, Bach at the Organ, or Palestrina leading the choir], or it benefits from economies of scale. Pay the artist 1 Dollar from the sale of 50,000 records, and she’s not doing too badly: concommitantly, if an artist can get 1,000 fans, they can usually make a living).

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Floating with the currant

So, based on requests, I am also going to offer this as a square card. :

Currants, Kiev

I have to do some tweaking, because the image isn't sq. There is a sq picture in there, but the present ratio is .7:1 (xy). The prices will be a little more than for the other cards but until I know how much work the image is going to take I can't commit to a price.