October 22nd, 2008

Pixel Stained

This is what passes for legal reasoning?

I'd say logic, but while there is a logic to the law, it isn't always what a logician might see as logical; and certainly not what the lay reader would.

In the habeas case before the US District Judge Richard Leon the Gov't made the following claim, "The fact that the Supreme Court has left the reach of the “enemy combatant’ concept to the lower courts in the first instance, the brief argued, “is not an invitation for judges to veto such wartime decisions about the appropriate breadth of the enemy combatant definition.”

See, the fact that the Supreme Court told the lower courts they were empowered to make such decisions doesn't mean they are actually authorised to do it.

Got it? The Supremes Advise, the Deciderer decides, and the Lower Courts go along with The Plan.

That nonsense about checks and balances, where the Legislature legislates, the Executive executes the legislation and the Judiciary adjudicates... Old fashioned, that Pre-W thinking (but if you think the Repubs are going to be thinking the same way in a non-McCain Post-W world, well you got another think coming).

The Boss-Man makes the rules, and the rest of us are supposed to go along.

That's another thing Obamas feet need to be held to the fire on.
Pixel Stained

Damned straight there should be protest.

Teresa, at Making Light, has a bangi-up post about What kind of “Election Day unrest” are we talking about?

She has a lot to support the question. The skinny is... McCain has lost. The polling data is very good (and if you have any interest in the numbers, Five Thirty Eight is THE place to go. Nate Silver was a sabremetrician which is to say he played with the records/stats of baseball. He knows how to read them, and they do a bang up job of not just giving you the results, but showing you how they got there. It is the best polling spot on the web). The polling data has been trending Obama for weeks, and it seems pretty tight. McCain is going to lose.

But there's a lot of intimation the people who staged a riot in Florida, whose supporters were firebombing Democratic offices in 2004, who have sent death threats to ACORN (unless you think it was an Obama Supporter who attacked them, after Palin and McCain started telling us what a threat to democracy they are), aren't looking forward to losing the, "Permanent Republican Majority".

This is no time to be complacent Make your vote. If you can, vote early. If it's a touchscreen, do your damndest to verify the vote. Encourage your friends to vote. Encourage your enemies to vote. Why? Because the Republicans have said, for more than 40 years, they do better when fewer people vote.

An honest election will have Obama win, or there will be an obvious shift in the mind of the nation, and we will know McCain won legitimately. But this idea that McCain winning an honest election will lead to riots... with the emphasis on prevention in cities like Detroit, and Oakland (which, co-incidentally have large black populations... race baiting much?) is meant to intimidate people.

Cops on the streets are not conducive to going out in peaceful enterprises. I'm white, and they make me nervous.

It's also a way to get the wishy-washy racists out. The ones who don't like either candidate, and so might stay home. This gives them something to go out for; keep them uppity-types from getting their way; remind 'em who's boss.

If that sudden groundswell of McCain Mania doesn't appear, and the 6 point lead Obama has suddenly melts away, and McCain comes out of nowhere? I will not be typing. I don't know where I will be, but someplace I can be seen, and heard. If it takes fifty, a hundred, "Orange Revolutions", we need to have them. If I have to hitchhike to Washington to stand on the Mall and be counted... well there are times and places to put it all on the line, and that would be one of them.