October 31st, 2008


My coffee shop is depressing me

There are five guys sitting in on the terrace, talking politics. I don't have the energy to engage them, not least because by the time I'd parsed out what they were saying, I knew it was hopeless.

They are talking, among other things, about how the Jews in America have been tricked into with all the leftist america hating which has been preached for so long that the are willing to cut Israel's throat by supporting Obama.

They are talking about how the "failed policies" of the present adminstration are all recent..., "the first six years were a complete success." They can't see how so many americans have been hoodwinked into thinking Bush, et al, have been bad for them.

They are hoping for a disaster in the next 18 months, so the nation will come to its senses and return the Republicans to power in the House and Senate, a la 1994. I wonder, if there is no disaster, if we are managing to weather the storms still spinning 'round us from the unmitigated disasters Bush and his cronies are working to leave us with, they will still sing that same song.

I fear they will, and hope they won't.