November 1st, 2008


Some photos

From my August trip to SLO, with commodorified.

The shots were all taken in Cayucas, out on a large chunk of rock out in the fringes of the tidal zone, so we were on an island, which happens to be submerged for about half the day.

On the lookout

Hauling the tripod out let me use higher f-stops, and the generally skittishness of the crabs meant I could keep the polarising lens on, and have reasonable expectations of them not moving during the longer exposures that caused.

Seaweed salad

Tally Ho!

Photo Workshop in San Luis Obispo

For my first workshop I want to combine two things... a chance to shoot on the Central Coast, with a secondary focus on basic post-processing; using my preferred photo-editing software, LightZone

What you get: Hands on tutorial in how to use LightZone. A 30 day trial of the fully featured version (downloaded).

Two nights, in San Luis Obispo, on the California Central Coast. Scenic, good weather, and great seasonal light(weather permitting, this is winter; clouds are possible, even if rain is unlikely). Location shooting possibilities, in walking distance, include San Luis Obispo (which includes San Luis Creek, Mission San Luis Obispo, and the architecture of Downtown SLO; some of which dates back to the early 20th century: within a 30 minute drive one can reach Oceano Dunes, Dragon Caves, Montana de Oro, Morro Bay, and Pismo Beach. Slightly further afield are Cayucas, San Simeon and the breeding grounds of Elephant Seals. February is a prime time for early flowers, fresh greenery and birds wintering over. Humpbacked whales have been seen in Morro Bay. The California Sea Otter can be seen up and down the coast.

Rooming will be in the Hostel Obispo Lodging includes dinner Friday evening, and breakfast Saturday and Sunday mornings. I will be cooking. Please inform me of any allergies. If you have any dietary restrictions (vegetarian, Kosher, Halal, foods you just cannot abide) let me know.

This is an entry level workshop for digital photographers, all you need is a camera (point and shoot is fine) and a computer. Carpooling is going to be the order of the day. The nature of this hostel is such that rooms are not likely to be private.

For those who've never used a hostel, the advantage is we get the equivalent of a conference space, without the costs associated with an hotel. The rooms aren't as private, but the beds are comfortable, and we get the run of the kitchen.

What you need:

A digital camera. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it has to be digital. You need to be able to get jpg, tif or RAW files.

Your own computer

Things to consider:
A tripod/monopod.
Camera bag/Photovest (if you have camera accessories which aren’t easily carried)

You will want good walking shoes and comfortable clothes. Weather on the Central Coast is windy, so layers are recommended, year round. Bring some raingear, in case of inclement weather. Outdoor shooting will be done unless the weather is so severe the cameras can’t be out in it at all, so a water resistant camera bag, if you have it. The odds of rain are slim, but it's winter, so it's not non-existent.

Travel into SLO can be done by car, rail: bus (the Coast Starlight is a wonderful way to get to SLO from SF, or San Diego, or points in between) or air.

I’m limiting this to ten people. Friday the 19th of Feb. to Sunday the 21st, in San Luis Obispo. Friday night folks get together at the hostel. Supper will be provided, and I’ll be giving basic instruction in the application.

Saturday morning, after breakfast, we’ll head out and shoot somewhere in the area

A break for lunch and a shorter afternoon session. Worst case and weather is too bad for outdoor shooting we’ll shoot indoors, and probably have a bit of studio photography workshop added in.

About 4 o’clock retire back to the hostel, fire up the computers and get to work. About 7 o’clock we’ll break for dinner. Depending on general mood it’ll either be ordered in, or in one of the local restaurants (SLO has a wealth of good food, and no small amount in walking distance of the Hostel).

After dinner back to the hostel and work on things until people want to go to bed.

At a minimum people will leave with a basic understanding of LightZone Workflow, basic editing techniques, how to build a style (which can be compared to actions in Photoshop), batch functions and conversions, as well as some tricks for keeping track of what has been done; so that files don’t get lost in the shuffle as subsequent photos make it a trick to find that “one” photo you recall from three years ago, as well as comparisons between the effects possible in each of the formats (jpg, tif, and RAW)

Sunday morning is breakfast, and out to shoot some photos to take home. If people are interested we can do some more tutorial work before leaving the hostel.

Cost is $350, which includes lodging, and three meals at the hostel (Dinner Friday, and breakfast Saturday and Sunday, all of which I’ll be cooking.). Holding a seat is $100, with final payment due by Jan. 21st. Cancellations prior to Jan. 1st will be refunded, less $25. After Jan 1st the retainer is non-refundable, unless the seat is filled.

If you know anyone who might be interested, please let them know. Feel free to link to this post. As with the Holiday Cards I’ll be repeating myself on this until the seats are filled, or the last reasonable chance to fill them rolls around.

LightZone Workshop