November 10th, 2008



I’m photographer, and I am, for all my wordiness here, there and everywhere, a very visual creature. So this story was pretty impressive.

A kid, at an Obama rally shares a sign with another kid; lets him hold it for a while, and then they hold it together.

Which is what happened, the pictures do tell the tale. But they also lie. Read the story, and then look at the photos again. If you look at the pictures, the white kid had the sign, and then shared it with the black kid.

Read the words and it’s the other way around. I don’t know why/how the images came to be in the order they are, but there’s a hidden narrative in it (and it can be read in several ways, some flattering, some not: I am not going to try to figure out the cause of the ordering which took place, because the person who originally posted it isn’t the one who took them, and the actual story wasn’t known until later.

But how things are selected is a huge part of the story which is told.

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