November 12th, 2008


Reminder, again.

I am still selling cards (and apologies for the need to click through to a second link, but if I don't the most popular of the cards gets lost in the shuffle, and I am loathe to play with history and make it appear I was offering them the whole while, forgive me?).

But... I am going to SLO this next week. If you want them sooner, rather than later, I need to know by noon tomorrow, so I can get them printed.

Not that it matters much, but the costs of doing it are a bit more than I thought (both in terms of time, and materials... a few bits of fudge factor I didn't take into account), so the price, on a packet of ten, will be going up after Christmas.

For putting up with my huckstering I offer:

"Le Penseur"

Le Penseur