November 14th, 2008


Go to Hell, John McCain

Up front, I don't like McCain. It's a function of lots of things, most of them having to do with his bullshit claims to be against torture while making it no longer against the law.

Some of it has to do with his voting against Jim Webb's GI Bill because it would provide "too much incentive" for mid-level NCOs to leave the service.

But he's down in Georgia campaigning for Saxby Chambliss, who got into office by running a Rovian campaign calling Max Cleland a terrorist-supporting, America-hating, unpatriotic piece of vermin; never mind that he'd served in Vietnam and lost not one, but THREE limbs, while Chambliss had a "trick knee" which got him rated 4F.

When that was happening McCain said it was reprehensible.

Six years later, not so much.

So all that stuff about, "the real McCain" surfacing in his concession speech. All crap. The Real McCain was seen in the his bid for the presidency (which started at least four years ago; when he courted Kerry for the VP slot, and then used that to hang him out to dry while he kissed Bush, and made sure a lot of the swing voters who still had respect for him went for Bush), a coniving, back-stabbing, rat-fucking, bastard who would sell his very soul to win. Even now, when he's already lost, he's still selling it (with not so much as Wales on the table in exchange).

So what vague chance of rehabilitating himself he might have had... down the drain.