November 29th, 2008


Some food porn

There is, surprise, surprise, some leftover turkey in the house.

Turkey, which has cooled, tends to be dry, and somewhat bland (even the birds which pass for free range aren't the richest of flavors). I decided to use some for breakfast this morning. Went outside and cut some shallot tops, and a little dill (this is the season for cool weather herbs, if there's enough light to keep them from dying off, they thrive. My tarragon is doing it's annual die off to the ground, but the dill is going gangbusters, and the lettuce is coming up).

When I cook bacon I save the fat. I use it to cook with (largely for greasing the iron, it sheets well and has a less agrressive flavor at that level than olive oil. The lower smoke point is good too, esp for things like eggs). If it goes too long unused, the dogs get it for sauce on the dry food, waste not, want not). Today I took a large couple of dollops in a small skillet and chopped the turkey to bite-sized chunks; tossed it in the hot fat (which was over a diffuser, so as not to be too uneven).

Quartered a lemon, and beat five eggs. When the turkey was crisped I pulled it out, drained it and dressed with the lemon. Poured the eggs onto the griddle (greased with the fat from cooking the turkey) and when the omelette was set, addted the shallot greens, dill and lemoned turkey, et voila, Carnitas a la Leftovers.

Next time, I'll prep a little longer; chop some onions, maybe sweat them with a touch of cumin. The bird will soak in some lemon juice (the acid was a little light). But the texture was perfect, and the flavor not too far off the mark (none of the rich moist earthiness of slow simmered carnitas, but as an impromptu way of using the bird without resorting to casseroles, and creamed dishes, it was a great success).