December 8th, 2008


Home again, home again

I went to the VA (again, third time in a week, I get to go again on Weds, which will be the fifth).

When I went in for the polytrauma exam, the doc put me in for some x-rays. X-ray is a walk in only deal. I went and got a Holter Monitor last Weds, which seemed to contra-indicate going down to get my chest irradiated.

When I got home I found a card telling me I had the appointment this Weds (which I got a phone call to remind me of as I was leaving the VA today). That app't comes with bloodwork. I don't hate needles, but I'm not overfond of them, so I didn't go get it done after the echocardiogram which was performed when the Holter monitor came off (I have some, arrythmias, which it seems are worrisome; so worrisome that a cardio workup was called for, but not so worrisome that getting the workup immediately, when the symptoms were mmore evident was the order of the day).

Today I saw rheumatology (which was also part of why the cardio... I have an auto-immune inflammatory disorder, on occasion it affects the heart). They ordered more bloodwork, and some other x-rays.

So I headed over to see the vampires. I was waylaid. It seems there is a woman who comes by, once a month, to play the harp in the lobby. Julia Cunningham who was more than happy to indulge me with The Huron Carol.

Turns out she's from Saskatchewan, and that explained her gleeful look when I asked for it.

She was also willing to play the first part of, Il est ne, Le divin enfant but she'd not the music with her, so she wasn't up for the whole thing.

Off to the lab, let the nice lady (who had an excellent stick) pull seven vials from me (enough that she had to release the tourniquet to get the last one filled), and back toward home.

The doctors' report? They think I am about where I thought, a muld case of chronic recurrent. A slight change in meds to made the steady state NSAIDS less risky to my GI tract and take it as it comes. I am now in the come back every three months pool.

(p.s. for those who are fond of the mushrooms, there are 10 more if you click through to the flickr pages).