Terry Karney (pecunium) wrote,
Terry Karney

Michael Coren is a clueless, dickless, worthless fuck

Now for how I really feel.

He was paid for writing a steaming pile of fetid swill

I lost it before he finished the second sentence, "Last week a young girl dressed up as a soldier... . He doesn't mean she was in costume. No, he is referring to Trooper Karine Blais, an honest to goodness Canadian Soldier.

Not just a run of the mill Canadian soldier, but a member of 2e Régiment blindé du Canada and attached to the Van Doos Which is to say she was in one crack regiment, and assigned to another when she was sent to the sharp end.

She was, almost certainly, no slouch. She was most certainly not playing dress up. With luck I was at least as good a soldier as she was.

So right off the bat I was appalled. Sadly, I continued.

But what on earth was she doing in such a place and in such a job?

Look at the photograph of this beautiful girl. Look at the innocence, the gentleness, the grace. All of them precious aspects to the human character. So when I say that she was "dressed up as a soldier" I mean it as a compliment.


He was belittling her. He was implying she wasn't a real soldier. He was insulting her, and everyone who thinks she was a soldier.

Don't believe me...? We rightly condemn Islamic extremists in Afghanistan because they treat women so badly. Then we allow one of our own to give her life so that we can congratulate ourselves on how liberal and egalitarian we are, lie about how gender differences don't matter and then encourage our generals and politicians to obscure the truth on television about soldiers and causes.

What hypocrites we have become. Poor, poor Karine -- this is not the way it should have been.

You and your country deserved better.

Words fail me. Deserve better than what? Than allowing her to serve? He's painting a pretty twisted double standard. The Taliban treat women differently from men. Which makes them somehow inhuman. The Canadian Army doesn't treat women differently from men, which makes them somehow inhuman.

He uses the pathetic trope of being, "not-PC" to peddle this twaddle. You see he, unlike most people; and certainly unlike those deluded souls who think women ought to be free to do what they want, is willing to speak these home truths.

As for his respect for her as a soldier... it's a lie. Just as he lies when he says he meant it as a compliment. Because he thinks she was incapable of being a soldier, again; if you don't believe me, just see what he has to say:

Can we really imagine for a moment that if a group of Taliban tribesmen rushed a trench or an encampment this poor young woman could fight them off, could deal with the thrusts of their long knives and heavy clubs? Do we seriously think that the men in the unit would not risk their own lives to protect a pretty young girl who was inevitably being beaten to the ground by salivating killers?

Got it...? A woman can't do the job. Me, he trusts I can do it, even though she didn't weigh that much less than I do. But I am male. I have balls, ergo I can fight off the nasty people who might attack me. Trooper Blais was a woman, a creature of nurturing virtue, and therefore incapable of defending herself. She needed to be sheltered from the evils of the world.

He goes on:

Yes, yes, yes, I know it's fundamentally anti-Canadian to say this but I'd prefer to articulate the views of the silent majority than hide behind some modernist fetish that places more importance on the myth of absolute equality than the safety of a girl who should be laughing with college friends rather than fighting theocratic madmen.

The Silent Majority... well if they are in the majority, why the fuck aren't they speaking out. Maybe Mr. Coren is just making that part up. I mean maybe there are a majority of Canadians who think women are delicate little flowers who need to be protected from the hard shocks of the male realms. Well if so, they don't deserve to be catered to; not if they can't muster up the gumption to be less silent.

Me. I'd rather serve with someone like Trooper Blais. I suspect she'd have treated me as an equal, weighed me on my merits as a soldier, and taken my flaws and strengths into account, rather than look at my sex to decide what my nature was like.

Which made her a lot better Canadian than Mr. Coren is ever likely to be. In her service Canada got more than fair value and he got better than he deserved.

Feel free to share your opinions with him michael.coren@sunmedia.ca
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