Terry Karney (pecunium) wrote,
Terry Karney

A small bit of begging

What with the conference (and the adventures of the trip home), money is tight.

I've worked out a way to get prints made, and shipped, from Canada. There's a printer there I've used, who's very good. There is a framer there, who is also very good. There are pre-fabbed frames which can be used, or the framer can do them to suit.

I have a reliable agent in Canada to oversee the work, so it will have hands-on care, and quality control from beginning to end.

Anything at Terrence Karney Photography should be available (I think I have all the parent files wth me; thought it's possible I'll have to dig them out from the "negatives"). Prices are dependant on sizes, but the they start at about $200 (US) for a mounted print, framed at 12"x16". Shipping adds a bit more (as I recall it's about $30). The price quoted is for a pre-made frame. Custom will be higher.

I've also found a canvas printer. They have three styles; unstretched (with a 2 1/4" border, for stretching). Stretched, ready to frame, and "gallery" (which I think of as, "bleed", but there you go). The Gallery Mounted prints are on a deeper bar set, and the image goes all the way back to the wall.

Prices for them start at $50 US for an unstretched 8x10, to $550 US, for a Gallery Mounted 36x48.

More practically speaking a 16x24 (poster sized) would be $120/200/250(unstreched/ready to frame/Gallery Mount). Shipping to the continental US is $15.

Nott all of my images are standard sizes, so prices will vary some. If you want it on canvas, you can have it, but I'll let you know if I think something won't look good that way, becaus some images aren't really suited to that medium.
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