Terry Karney (pecunium) wrote,
Terry Karney


I like kilts (and linnes). They are comfortable, and they don't make me feel I angular twigs for legs; which is why I don't wear shorts.

But I am slight of build. I can't order a Utilikilt to the measurements I think I am without paying a premium. When I tried on a 29 it fell off my ass. I suspect this is because they don't think men have the small rump I do; since I am a 28" waist.

But in Stratford Ontario we saw a scottish shop, and went it. They had a Black Watch in a 30". So I tried it on. It fit. The extra dimension seemed to not matter (I suspect because it was a more trad style than modern kilts, and the drag of being all the way up my waist kept it in place).

I didn't have an adequate belt, so I bought one. I need to get some sort of reticule/sporran (right now I'm using an old army ammo pouch). A couple of days later I realised I'd left my belt behind (I'd grabbed my trousers, but forgotten I'd pulled the belt to see if it would work). They had set it aside, and shipped it to me, gratis. So allow me to say that MacLeod's Scottish Shop (www.kilts.biz) are swell folks,and their trad casuals (what the clerk seemed to call a "drinking kilt") are decently priced.

The next three days were hot as blazes, and I was damned glad of having it. ladymondegreen found another place that has some decent looking (including a modern) for a decent price. I might order a 50/50 wool in a saffron (looks more like camel hair on the screen), and I've ordered a US Army tartan, and a plain black, from a place which is having a sale (so it was a bit more than getting one kilt at list).

The weather today in NY was awful. I was commenting about wanting to wear one at work. My manager said, "there's nothing in the dress code against it, so long as it comes to your knees". If the AC is out when I go in for a training session on Tues, I'm going to wear one on Thus.
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