Terry Karney (pecunium) wrote,
Terry Karney

Who want's yarn?

I've gotten decent enough at spinning that I am willing to take commissions.

Commissions will cost less than buying yarn I've made, just for the sake of making it. This is to encourage people to make them. It's also easier for someone who wants to do a project.

The basic framework I'm using is send me twice as much fiber as you want me to spin, and postage for the return.

That way I get fiber to spin for myself, and you get the amount of yarn you want (more or less), spun into either a 2-ply, or a 3-ply woolen. Tell me how you plan to use it (knit, or crochet, American or Continental).

I tend to spinning fine yarns, not bulky ones.

If you have a special request (cables, sockyarn, spun worsted, etc.) let me know, and we can work it out.

It also makes nice gifts.
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